Once Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur, scolded his brother and his son Bika for whispering in court, asking whether the two were plotting to build their own kingdom. They took the remark to heart. For 30 years, Bika led a band of freebooters all over Rajasthan till he settled down in Bikaner. Most of what was built by those warriors, the Rathores, still stands, a testimony as much to the quality of the construction as to the arid conditions in Bikaner that retard decay. The city settles towards the northern Rajasthan and it features sand dunes in the vast golden desert. With the largest Camel Research and Breeding farms in the world, the city of Bikaner offers the best camel rides. The camels are beautifully adorned with local handicrafts. Alongside these general tourist attractions, the vibrant markets in Bikaner is a must visit.

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